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Penn Mar Martial Arts Academy Home School Program

We at Penn Mar Martial Arts realize parents who have made the decision to home school their children have taken on quite a commitment...

For whatever reason, if you're a parent who has chosen to take on the responsibility of your child’s education, we salute you! We realize that you have undertaken on a commitment that normally involves dozens of teachers and educators to accomplish over the course of your son or daughter’s childhood.

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Parents who home school have specific mandates set upon them by the State. Some states are more restrictive and require greater structure than is typical. Pennsylvania is one of them. Parent(s) who home school must give the State notification that the child is being home schooled. They also must have the home school curriculum approved, and have the child (or children) submit to testing or home evaluations. Some states even require that the parent(s) has/have teaching degrees. The aforementioned things are only general examples. If you home school, you should call your local public schools to find out your state's specific requirements. In the event the public schools do not know, they should be able to give you the contact info for the agency or authority that knows the exact requirements.

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karate girl with testRegardless of the curriculum your State requires, we know first-hand that home schooled children often lack opportunities for structured physical activity and social interaction with peers. These things are both crucial for a child’s healthy development and well-being, and are two of the main reasons parents bring their children to our program. We have been teaching our specialized program for home schooled children for many years, with amazing results. The program follows the same format as our other martial art programs, but offers classes during the day, combined with our evening classes.

We would love the opportunity to equip your child with these essential skills - skills that can often be a challenge for home schooled children to obtain outside of the public school environment.

Naturally, you need to see what we do to really get a feel for whether our program can be an asset to your child. We invite you to come in and experience first-hand what makes our Martial Arts Program for Home Schooled children unlike anything you've ever seen. We'll even give your child a free trial lesson! Just call, e-mail us, or fill out the contact form above.

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