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About Penn Mar Martial Arts, the Premier Hapkido Self Defense Schools
in Littlestown, Hanover, Taneytown & Gettysburg

At Penn Mar Martial Arts you will learn Hapkido. We are dedicated to providing our members with elite martial arts instruction. We are also committed to helping you develop the attitudes and behaviors required to reach BLACK BELT EXCELLENCE - in all areas of life. Our goal is for all our students to become focused, self-disciplined and confident individuals who have the utmost respect for themselves and others.

With well over 100 years of collective teaching experience in the ancient art of Hapkido, our instructors provide a well-rounded course of instruction in traditional martial arts with a focus on improving the overall being rather than teaching someone "how to fight." In truth we teach our students "how not to fight." Our course of study includes stretching exercises, a proven aid in long-term health maintenance, self-defense - including kicking, punching, joint locks, pressure points, grappling, and more.

What does this all mean to you?

Our training is perfect for men, women and children starting as young as four, years old up to adults who are well into their 60's. Over the years my students have come to me and told me "it is not just a martial art school - it is a life skill institute." What they like most about us is we blend the traditions, history and physical lessons of the past with modern concepts and principles of the future. We are a Family Martial Art Center - where the past meets the present to give our students life skills unmatched anywhere else in our area.

Sensei Tim Goonan

Owner & Head Instructor Tim Goonan

Mr. Goonan has been teaching the martial arts for nearly a decade and has been training in the martial arts for almost 25 years. He has trained in Hapkido and has been instructing students for many years, holding a high ranking Black Belt in Hapkido.

He is the owner-operator and head instructor of Penn Mar Martial Arts Academy.

Mr. Goonan is a caring, loving father and husband and takes his empathy onto the floor with him each and everyday. You will find him working hard at the school every night of the week teaching students of all ages, his philosophies, strategies and martial arts skills. Mr. Goonan has been working to spread the work and word of Penn Mar Martial Arts throughout the community, helping hundreds of students of all ages learn the skills that will last a lifetime.

Co-Owner & Head Instructor - Bryant Graham - Hanover Location

Mr. Graham is Co-Owner and Head Instructor of Penn Mar Martial Arts Academy in Hanover, PA. He has been instructing Hapkido for five years and has been training for over ten years. He holds a high ranking Black Belt that he has earned after many years of dedicated study. Along with his Martial Arts instruction and training, Mr. Graham is a very active member in his community, coaching and assisting various youth sports teams and organizations. He has a true passion for helping aide and develop the minds of others, inspiring them to succeed in different aspects of life.

Mr. Graham is a committed, loving father and husband. Along with having a family of their own, Mr. Graham and his wife are licensed foster parents, helping other children in need. This is the type of dedication and passion he carries with him on a daily basis, teaching others his knowledge of the Art, along with his different strategies and philosophies. Mr. Graham spreads his positive energy to others, helping them gain the knowledge needed to obtain and maintain a healthy mind and body.

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